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Snacking takes a bigger bite

A growing population of snackers is pushing traditional meals over to the sidelines. In a recent Technomic survey, nearly half (48%) of consumers polled confessed to snacking at least twice a day. With these mini-meals on the rise, here are a few trends to watch:

  • Major chains are using late-night hours to promote value-oriented snack items and bar plates that cater to younger customers who visit during this time period
  • More than a third (37%) of consumers have broadened their definitions of snacks to include more types of foods, beverages and restaurant fare
  • The mini sandwich, slider or wrap has evolved from a simple snack item to a downsized gourmet version of signature full-sized offerings
  • Impulse purchases of snacks are up from two years ago; 62% of respondents reported that most of the snacks they purchase for away-from-home consumption were impulse  purchases
  • More than 33% of consumers expect to eat healthful snacks in the coming year, indicating greater importance for operators to offer and promote better-for-you snacks

Source: Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report, March 2012, Technomic

This makes a lot of sense

This makes a lot of sense because, it could be anyway, that people are becoming more aware of the very large portion sizes in America. We throw away a lot of food or worse eat it all and gain weight. Snaking can actually be more like a meal.