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Families that dine out together reap benefits

When they're trying to keep a toddler from throwing food on the floor or prevent restless children from running around a restaurant, it would seem that dining out with kids is not the most rewarding experience for parents. But moms and dads surveyed recently by claim that they enjoy going to restaurants as a family.

  • 59% of parents dine out with their children once a week or more
  • 70% say that going out to eat with their kids is a great way to spend time with the family
  • 66% of parents feel that taking children out to eat offers educational benefits and provides the opportunity to try new foods they normally would not have at home
  • 57% say that eating out is a good time to emphasize good table manners
  • 40% of parents report that "American" was their family’s favorite cuisine. Italian came in second with 25% of the votes, followed by Mexican with 21%
  • Nearly all respondents (96%) have used a coupon or a deal when dining out with their children, with 37% reporting they do so more often than not
  • As far as keeping young diners occupied, 74% say that "good, old-fashioned conversation" is the best entertainment. Crayons and paper came in second at 37%

Source:; Dining Out with Kids Survey of 988 parents; July, 2013