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Top 50 - 2008

48. Y. Hata & Co., Ltd.

Honolulu, HI
Year founded: 1903
Chairman: Frank J. Hata
President: Laurence Vogel
2 distribution centers
1,750 accounts
73% commercial, 27% noncommercial
7,500 SKUs
90% national brands
10% group label
52% street accounts sales ($990 average order size)
54% multiunit accounts ($3,460 average order size and 21% from fast food)
COP & specialty products: Fresh meat (beef, veal, lamb, poultry), fresh produce, gourmet cheese, E&S
News: Added 25% more freezer space and a new temperature-controlled section; reorganized marketing department to increase support to customers and partners; and converted Fall Educational Forum to a new products show.
Fuel prices: Consolidated routes and raised minimums.
High-tech operations systems: Endeavoring to take control of and manage ocean freight rates from the continental U.S. to Hawaii, which has resulted in the lowering of our landed costs; and installing new WMS, and will be integrating a voice system shortly thereafter.
Plans for human pandemic or other catastrophes: Introduced pandemic flu plan that includes employee education and communications, and contingencies for continuing operations and recovery; reviewing a separate plan that deals with other types of disaster response and recovery.
Any "green" or environmentally-friendly projects: Evaluating alternative energy sources to offset increases in electricity costs.
Key issues this year: Adding additional warehouse space, a new WMS, voice technology and new integrated website.