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Top 50

ID’s essential annual benchmarking survey of the top foodservice distributors in the country.

Largest Broadliners Growing Again:
Collective Sales Rise 5%, Wipe Out ‘09 Losses
The nation’s 50 largest broadline distributors collectively broke the $100 billion mark in 2010, growing sales 5 percent over sales reported by the 2009 Top 50. It was a strong performance following the 2 percent sales decline the Top 50 experienced in 2009. The performance of the top 10 companies alone paints a bright turnaround picture: In 2009, the top 10 together saw their sales decline by 5 percent, with six of the 10 companies reporting losses for the year. In 2010, the top 10 collectively achieved a 5 percent gain and only one among them, U.S. Foodservice, reported a slight sales decline.

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Recession Bites Nation's Top 50 Broadliners

The Top 50 distributors had a tough year. Collectively, they report sales of $96 billion compared to 2008 sales of $98 billion, a loss of 2 percent. The top 10 distributors together saw sales drop by more than 5 percent in 2009, with the Big 3—Sysco Corp., U.S. Foodservice and Performance Food Group—showing the biggest losses among them. Fully half of the Top 50 companies saw revenues drop in 2009,and several more reported flat sales. Read full report...

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Top 50 Broadliners Weather the Storm with 5.2% Gain
The nation’s Top 50 broadline distributors grew by 5.2 percent as a group in 2008, a slower pace than the 8 percent gained collectively by their 2007 counterparts, but nonetheless impressive considering the daunting challenges the industry faced. Read full report...

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ID Top 50 Broadliners Continue Healthy Growth

NEW YORK – The ID Top 50 broadliners returned to healthy sales growth last year, expanding almost 9% and approaching becoming an exclusive nine-digit revenue fraternity. Read full report...

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ID Top 50 Broadliners’ Growth Slows in ‘05

NEW YORK – The ID Top 50 broadliners’ sales growth slowed in 2005, a year that saw seemingly contradictory tendencies among the country’s leading foodservice distributorships. Read full report...

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ID Top 50 Broadliners Grew 9.5% in '04
NEW YORK - The ID Top 50 broadliners grew 9.5% in sales volume in 2004, reaching $73.1 billion, which was slightly more than double the growth rate for the entire foodservice distribution industry. Read full report...

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