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Shamrock Foods’ Former CEO Passes Away

Shamrock Foods Co.’s former CEO and chairman of the board, Norman P. McClelland, passed away on July 11 at the age of 90. Shamrock Foods is one of Arizona’s top privately held companies and employers.

“My father was an iconic leader whose wisdom and leadership values will continue to be a guiding force for the company,” said Kent McClelland, president and CEO of Shamrock Foods. “He was loved by all who knew him, and I’m honored to carry on his legacy of business leadership and devotion to public service.”

Shamrock Foods—parent company of Shamrock Farms and Shamrock Foods—was founded by his father in Tucson, Ariz., in 1922. After 95 years, it is now one of the top privately held companies in America, and one of the top 100 employers in Arizona. After serving as CEO for Shamrock Foods Company for 45 years, Norman McClelland continued as a guiding force for the company by serving as chairman of the board until his death.