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Maines Paper & Food Service Lays Out Strategic Priorities

Maines Paper & Food Service Inc. announced a set of strategic priorities intended to help the business to optimally compete in the current industry environment and position for future growth. The announcement comes as the company looks forward to marking its 100th year in business in 2019.

As part of the announcement, the company laid out six specific strategic plans: maintain a strong portfolio; stay committed to customers; process enhancement and deployment of technology; allocate resources efficiently; grow distribution channels; and focus on talent.

Some specific developments and initiatives within these six plans include the recent addition of Tim Hortons as a customer; a reduction from two distribution centers to one within the greater Chicago-area market; and the resignation of its membership in Distribution Market Advantage due to outgrowing DMA’s value proposition.

In addition, Maines Paper & Food Service announced plans to reopen its Maines Food & Party Warehouse retail location in Greece, N.Y. Once reopened, the store will feature a company test kitchen as well as a conference space.