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Kenney Attkisson
January 2015
When Kenney Attkisson started as a driver at Stan’s Coffee and Food Service in 1990, he knew it was only a matter of time before he moved into sales. “But being a driver was beneficial,” he says. “I also spent a year in the service department. You get to know all the equipment and products, and develop a thorough understanding of the business.”
Alice Spencer
November 2014
In the 12 years Alice Spencer has worked for Cheney Brothers, she’s seen the small family-owned distributor grow into a billion dollar company. But when her biggest personal challenge hit two years ago, in the form of a Stage II breast cancer diagnosis, Spencer’s employer proved that it had not outgrown its family origins.
Jamie Hudson
September 2014
“I enjoy the competition between sales reps,” says Jamie Hudson, a distributor sales rep (DSR) for Holt Paper & Chemical Company.  “I want to be the most valued rep to each customer I have, and help them succeed. It can be as little as finding a new product that is an exceptional seller, or giving them a new way to package a product that works better for an indiviual application.”
Howard Levrant
June 2014
Experience gained firsthand as a foodservice business owner and operator for 36 years has been invaluable to both Howard Levrant and his customers. Levrant started at Cheney Brothers as a distributor sales representative in Miami 10 years ago, and is on target to sell close to $6 million this year and scheduled to do $8 million next year. “It’s a great thing that I can be on the sales and end the retail end—both sides of the coin,” says Levrant. “I’m not a salesman by trade; I’m a business owner/operator.”
Jorge San Juan
May 2014
With a background in the professional kitchen, including a year of living and cooking in France, Jorge San Juan has the chops to partner with his clients on a deeper level as a hands-on consultant. He’s been a distributor sales rep with Glazier Foods, now a Gordon Foodservice company, for a little more than two years in the southeast suburbs of Houston, Texas. San Juan’s territory includes some rural locations, and his culinary background has helped businesses in those areas test out and menu new dishes that suit the current healthful dining trends.
Madison Stampley
March 2014
“You are never doing the same thing. That’s why I like being a DSR,” says Madison Stampley, a distributor sales rep (DSR) for Merchants Foodservice. She has been with Merchants for three and a half years. Previously she was a sales rep for a printing company. Merchants is headquartered in Hattiesburg, Miss.,  but Stampley works from the company’s Jackson, Miss. Distribution Center. Her territory is Natchez, a small town 90 miles from Jackson.
Cheryl Ho
February 2014
Working in purchasing prior to becoming a distributor sales rep (DSR) has given Cheryl Ho an edge in understanding everything she needs to know about products for her customers. She has been a rep with Y. Hata, headquartered in Honolulu, for two years. Prior to that, Ho worked in purchasing and, later, in sales for another foodservice distributor. In-depth product knowledge makes her a valuable resource when it comes to helping operators build their businesses.
Jack Lorenzo
January 2014
Quality of life is important to Jack Lorenzo, distributor sales rep (DSR) at Jake’s Finer Foods in Houston. “You have free evenings. The hours are better as a sales rep,” he says comparing his present life with his prior 30-year career in the restaurant business. “You work just as hard but it’s a better life style.” Lorenzo was in the family’s business, which at one time consisted of 30 Mexican- and Italian-themed operations. Now, he explains, he can spend time with his children and his grandson and do some volunteer work.
Jim Bibb
December 2013
For Jim Bibb, every week is a balancing act. But he thrives on it. He is a DSR (distributor sales rep) at Mattingly Foods in Louisville, Ky. and also acts as sales manager. It takes a lot of attention to time management to keep his customers happy and, simultaneously, stay on top of the company’s overall sales effort. While it takes time and planning, Bibb has experience on the operator side of the business and the hours and stress are far greater there, he says.
Telly Simou
November 2013
Telly Simou has been involved in foodservice all of his life. His family had a restaurant, he is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and he and his wife had a pizzeria/family restaurant in Millerton, N.Y. He left the operator side of the business nine years ago to become a distributor sales rep (DSR) so that he could spend more time with his family. While being a DSR is a seven-day job, he says, he is still able to be involved in his kids’ sports and activities.